Oerol 2016, Recorded by Wijnand Bredewold

Longplayer is a thousand year long cyclical
composition for singing bowls which has been
playing since 31 December 1999. The work,
conceived and composed by Jem Finer can be
heard at listening posts worldwide and via
a live-stream and an iOS app. Longplayer had
its successful debut in the Netherlands for
the 2018 edition of Holland Festival. Now,
for the 2020 edition – in light of
unprecedented circumstances – the festival
has decided to bring the piece back. From
11 to 21 June, this long-durational piece
will once again play in the tower of the
historic Lloyd Hotel. Every 30 minutes, one
person at a time may climb up to the tower
for an intimate encounter with a unique
fragment of this elemental music that repeats
but once a millennium. In uncertain times,
this installation is a slow space
for the listener to pause and recalibrate,
while connecting with a community of
listeners across centuries.

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