15/03/2020 Silent Citys

    I partcipate in the project Silent·Cities A participatory monitoring programme of an exceptional modification of urban soundscapes.


    The global COVID-19 pandemic that we are currently facing is forcing most countries around the world to put in place social distancing and/or drastic population containment
    measures. A notable effect of these measures is the reduction of many urban economic activities. This decline in activities is directly linked to a reduction in several inter- and
    intra-urban physical flows, first and foremost among which are individual travel — all modes combined — and motorized transport of people and goods. These movements and transport
    are two major sources of anthropogenic noise in all spaces, both urban and rural. While we recognize the severity and serious consequences of the pandemic, we want to
    continue to do what we do the best: searching, testing, experimenting. In other words, we want to continue to question the world in which we live. Starting from the abnormal
    situation generated by the COVID-19 pandemic in territories placed in more or less strict containment, we propose to the Ecoacoustic international community to participate in a
    collection of urban sonic environments to document these rare urban soundscapes. Based on standardized global ecoacoustic monitoring over several weeks, we hope to achieve three
    scientific objectives:
    1. To study in “ordinary spaces” the ecoacoustic diversity usually masked by anthropogenic noise.
    2. To study the relationship between biophony and anthropophony within different levels
    of economic activity, as the economic activity of a territory will slowly be restored.
    3. To finely characterize the relationship linking the anthropogenic noise to the level of stable economic activity of a territory.


    A collaborative work
    The confinement of a large number of citizens worldwide limits the location of the recorders. We ask the participant to deploy their recorder on a private land or a balcony at
    their residency. We encourage those living in urban and suburban areas to participate. The dataset will be stored by the Open Science Foundation (OSF) as a public dataset, with

    write permission for the participants. All participants will be authors on a data paper submitted to a journal (e.g. Nature Scientific Data), provided the collected data meet the
    requirements specified in this document. A DOI will be created on the OSF dataset page for citation, and will be linked with a future preprint data paper, prior to the published data
    paper. As a public dataset, anyone can request access, on the condition the dataset is cited. Minimal analysis scripts are provided on the Wiki of the project page on OSF, and all
    participants are encouraged to contribute their own tools and/or methods, as well as the interpretation of results.


    Duration of the collection
    Meeting our objectives requires the implementation of medium-term monitoring, covering (i) the containment phase, (ii) the phase of a gradual return to normal, and (iii) the normal
    phase of urban metabolism — the “post-crisis phase” (Fig. 2). Consequently, we plan the monitoring over a long period (several months).

    2-3/05/2020 Soundcamp / Reveil 7

    In 2020 Soundcamp is an extended radio event, organized around the Reveil 24+ hour broadcast, which tracks sunrise West from 5AM UTC+1 on Saturday 2 May to 6AM on Sunday.

    The Reveil schedule will bring together microphones from open windows, rooftops, gardens, forests, underwater and electromagnetic sites. The broadcast works with the Locus Sonus network to share sounds, ecologies and atmospheres as part of an emerging Acoustic Commons.

    Reveil 2020 is accompanied by a program of extended radio projects supported by Arts Council England, originally as a series of site specific commissions, now as virtual projects.

    To follow the Reveil broadcast and the progam of projects, and join a conversation on IRC chat, go to the REVEIL PLATFORM

    Reveil 2020

    Mixed live by Soundcamp in London UK (Grant Smith, Hannah Kemp-Welch) and Crete GR (Maria Papadomanolaki) with guest mixers in South River Ontario CA (Darren Copeland, NAISA) and Sunshine Coast, Queensland AUS (Leah Barclay, Biosphere Soundscapes).

    Partner organisations include Full Of Noises (Cumbria UK) · Locus Sonus (Aix FR) · Radio CONA (Ljubljana SLO) · HMU (Crete GR) · Cyberforest (Tokyo JP).

    Broadcasting Partners include Resonance FM/Extra(UK), Soundart Radio (UK) Wave Farm/WGXC(NY), NAISA Radio (Canada), Colaboradio (Berlin), Phaune Radio (Canada, France), Radio Campus (France), Radio Patapoe (Amsterdam), Orange 94 (Austria), Oscillation festival (Brussels), Radio Tsonami (Chile), Wildlife Sound Recording Society (WSRS), Colaboradio (Berlin), Radio Campus (France), Archipel Stadions Community Radio (Berlin), Chimeres Radio (Athens), ΠΝode (Brussels).


    More info!     

    Livestream: http://soundtent.org/reveil/#/

    Personal livestream: http://streams.soundtent.org/2020/streams/utc2_zwolle