L I V E S T A T I O N The Netherlands, Zwolle 52°32'39.2"N 6°06'34.5"E

Currently not live, listen to this recording:


Live streaming Video & Audio from my home.

Part of the Locus Sonus project.


– Raspberry Pi Zero W – Audiointerface Zoom H2
– Low-Noise Binaural Mics (Primo EM172)


– mountpoint: http://locus.creacast.com:9001/zwolle_sonic_heartbeat.ogg
– location: The Netherlands, Zwolle, Countryside 52.544600N, 6.109683E
– Operator: Wijnand Bredewold


Sounds you can hear:
– Nature, Bidrds (and arround nearby nest box)
– Country-sounds
– Some trafic
– Our dogs