Sequencing Places

[work in progress]
Video, audio 

This project is part of a visualisation (randomly looping video) of found audio footage from all over the world.
The selected audio recordings are from aporee, other sources and from my own recordings. The work will be presented as an 4 or 8 channel video/audio installation.

Our sonic environment is the ever-present array of noises with which we all live in. Beginning with the primordial sounds of nature, we have experienced an ever-increasing complexity of our sonic surroundings.
As civilization develops, new noises rise up around us: from the creaking wheel, the clang of the blacksmith’s hammer, and the distant chugging of steam trains to the “sound imperialism” of airports, city streets,
and factories. [source: The Soundscape by R. Murray Schafer]

Snippet of the work:
Soundmap (click on points to here the recordings):

Some pictures of the sound locations: