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    Is Silence the same as nothing? 

    Silence is the absence of ambient audible sound, the emission of sounds of such low intensity that they do not draw attention to themselves, or the state of having ceased to produce sounds; this latter sense can be extended to apply to the cessation or absence of any form of communica-
    tion, whether through
    speech or other medium. 

    Reveil 8 2021

    Reveil is a 24 hour live radio programme, assembled and broadcast from a temporary station at Stave Hill Ecological Park in Rotherhithe. This is also the site of the longest running soundcamp. Real time streams are supplied by contributors around the world at daybreak. The primary feed is hosted by Wave Farm in the Upper Hudson Valley, New York, and aired by our UK broadcast partners Resonance FM / Extra in London UK and a collection of FM and netradio stations. Listen to a part of that was broadcasted from my stream at home: (

    Crossfading Places
    The buildings from my personal past have disappeared …
    They have given way to new buildings …
    They are crossfaded …

    In the environment I grew up in, buildings have disappeared over time, they have lost their functions and have been replaced by new buildings with sometimes new functions. For me personally, even the entire neighborhood in which I grew up, Holtenbroek 1 in Zwolle, has completely disappeared. From the important places of my childhood, such as the house where I was born, the schools I attended, the swimming pool, etc., I have found old photos. I photographed the places again. In this video, the original buildings are slowly replaced (crossfaded) by these new buildings. The applied music is a dronescape, which gives the time change an extra dimension. 



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    Sonic Heartbeat

    Sonic Heartbeat” is a project about objects built by people, viewed from an artificial acoustic approach. Objects built by people can make noise or produce noise caused by interaction with physical or human factors such as wind, water, fire, movement, electricity, radio waves or for example traffic. From an artificial point of view you could say that they live, that they make a sound and have a “heart”. “Sonic Heartbeat” is a approach are used and mixed through video and sound recordings (soundscapes).
    Sample: Pipe. (1:01)





    Quantum Randomness
    This photo project contains objects that I accidentally and randomly find somewhere, the only relationship between the photos is that it contains ‘something’ created by people.


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    Long-term project (2017 – ..)
    As a child I was already fascinated by maps. I fantasized that I would travel through distant lands and cross borders, where landscapes change and other people live, how exciting that would be … Later, when I crossed those borders by car or bike, I was always excited. The border crossing was something which took you to other countries. Nowadays borders in European Union have disappeared, you can travel freely. There is hardly any border control but the visible landmarks have remained there.


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    Vennebrugge (NLD) - Venebrügge (DEU)