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Various pieces of music, audio recordings etc.

Including a piece of a fieldrecording from me.
‘helen ottaway – lachrymae (a project by alastair goolden)’, appears in the mix at the very end of the program, from minutes 56:12 – 59:00.

#776: 2021.11.07
patrick, November 8, 2021
(takes a while to load)

Self synthesizing electromagnetic waves
Composition ‘Self Synthesizing electromagneticnic waves’ made with modular synthesizer software (Nord modular editor). The composition composes itself randomly.

Silent Forest
Opname gemaakt op de veluwe 2006. A recording in a forest in the Netherlands, this is a sample of “the silentness in the forest in the year 2006”.You can hear some background noise like a highway,a plane flying by and a dog barking.
Walking in forest
A stereo recording in a forest in the Netherlands. A girl is walking around the microphone.
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