Wijnand Bredewold (1961) is an autodidact in various fields artistic disciplines, such as installations, radio art, photography, video, audio, music, and audiovisual software. His creative compass is guided concepts rooted in themes that connect nature and society. Equipped with cameras and sound recorders, he likes to follow in the footsteps of the world for the essence of image/sound and event recording.

His current project Sequencing Places is a visualization (randomly looping video) of found audio material and recordings he made him self from all over the world. [expo 14 & 15 October 2023 Langhuis, Zwolle]

Other works:
'Silence', looking for the quietest place in the Netherlands. Does true silence still exist?

'Crossfading places' is about lost personal places that have been replaced by new buildings with new functions. This this work has been exhibited during the IJssel Biennale 2021. See also this press release: https://www.destadverbeeldt.nl/double exposition.

The 'Border' is a long-running project in which he tries to capture the atmosphere on country borders that seem to have no function anymore.

Wijnand Bredewold (1961) is een autodidact in diverse artistieke disciplines, zoals installaties, radio art, fotografie, video, audio, muziek, en audiovisuele software. Zijn creatieve kompas wordt gestuurd door concepten in thema's die de natuur en de maatschappij verbinden. Uitgerust met camera's en geluidsrecorders, treedt hij graag in de voetsporen van de wereld om de essentie van beeld/geluid en gebeurtenis vast te leggen.