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Part of Locustream

Locustream project offers a worldwide network of "open mikes" that permanently stream local soundscapes to a dedicated server. The resulting live audio is used in a large variety of artistic projects. The microphones are installed and maintained by volunteer participants.

Locusstream Soundmap (Live microphones all over the world)

Dawn Chorus
Bird song is at its peak at the beginning of May. Because the males in particular are loud - try to attract a partner with their song and/or defend their territory. Most species start singing early before sunrise, others continue all night long and some late risers only make themselves heard when the sun has risen. Early Birds therefore presents the National Bird Concert.

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Reveil is a 24 hour live radio programme, assembled and broadcast from a temporary station at Stave Hill Ecological Park in Rotherhithe. This is also the site of the longest running soundcamp. Real time streams are supplied by contributors around the world at daybreak. The primary feed is hosted by Wave Farm in the Upper Hudson Valley, New York, and aired by our UK broadcast partners Resonance FM / Extra in London UK and a collection of FM and netradio stations.

Listen to a part of that was broadcasted from my stream at home in 2021: (8:27)

Click here for the Reveil 10 6/7-05-2023

Reveil 11 will be on 4 and 5 may 2024.