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Sonic Heartbeat

Sonic Heartbeat is a project about objects built by people, viewed from an artificial acoustic approach. Objects built by people can make noise or produce noise caused by interaction with physical or human factors such as wind, water, fire, movement, electricity, radio waves or for example traffic.
From an artificial point of view you could say that they live, that they make a sound and have a “heart”. “Sonic Heartbeat” is a approach are used and mixed through video and sound recordings (soundscapes). The sound was sometimes recorded with the aid of a acoustic microphone or with the aid of a contact microphone. With a contact microphone, mechanical movements (vibrations) are converted into sound.
The sound you hear is not the normal sound that you hear when you are near it, but the sound from within, the Heart of the object! I also used self- recorded sounds that come from radio communication, satellites or from space (radio astronomy), occasionally I used internet resources. 

IJsselbrug 60sec, raw audio, stereo, mp3 320kbs/44.1kHz, date 30082018

Windmill 30sec, raw audio, stereo, mp3 320kbs/44.1kHz, date 09092018

Water tube 60sec, edited audio, stereo, mp3 320kbs/44.1kHz, date 05092018

Harddisk 3,5 inch 30sec, raw audio, stereo, mp3 320kbs/44.1kHz, date 16092018

Radio Station WWVH Station ID & Broadcast Sample (1980s) 2359 UTC, 5min, raw audio, mono, mp3 320kbs/ 44.1kHz, date 23092018 [Source: https://archive.org/details/RadioStationWWVHStationIDBroadcastSample1980s2359UTCFULLLENGTH] Photo: Worldservice radio Holland, dismounted in 2019.

Radiotelescope Dwingelo 60sec, raw audio (not from this telescope), mono, mp3 320kbs/44.1kHz, date 23092018 [Audio source: http://www.astrosurf.com/luxorion/audiofiles-geomagnetosphere.htm]

HF Beam 3579.6kHz 60sec, raw audio, stereo, mp3 320kbs/44.1kHz, date 23092018 [websdr_recording_2018-09-23T17_23_59Z_3579.6kHz]

GSM Pole 60sec, raw audio, mono, mp3 320kbs/44.1kHz, date 25092018