Wijnand Bredewold               ︎

Past Objects – empty memories


Soundscape, video 5 min,
layered audio 10 min

The Netherlands, Bellingwolde
53°08'10.9"N 7°10'01.9"E

Only audio, 10 min version

Past Objects - Empty Memories
This work is a sonic virtual 'recording' of old times, recorded in May 2022 in an old farmhouse in the northeast of the Netherlands. Only the silence seems to contain something from the past.
Perhaps the farm has a memory and reflects the events of activities in ancient times if you listen to it long enough.....

The sound of this farm is generated by a sound doubling method: first a 5-minute recording is made, then replayed and re-recorded. This process has been repeated up to 4 times. As more layers are created, a kind of drone is slowly built up with a wide spectrum of tones. This drone seems to be built from the memories of the past.
During the recording, no sound was projected to begin with: the farm seems to be waiting for what might come out of the silence.